Tribal Custom Pools chooses Hayward® for all of their pool equipment needs.

Hayward® believes perfect moments shouldn’t be once in a lifetime. Hayward’s best-in-class pool equipment products make owning a pool as easy, economical and environmentally friendly as possible. At Tribal Custom Pools, you can get a variety of Hayward products ranging from heat pumps to pool & spa automation. Make sure you contact us to learn more about Hayward products to make the most of your swimming pool experience and put a lifetime vacation in your backyard.

VS Omni variable-speed pool pumps are the easiest, most affordable way to add convenient scheduling and smart control to existing pools and spas. 

VS Omni controls virtually every kind of pool and spa equipment, including pumps, heaters, lighting, sanitization, water features and more.

The Universal H-Series is an energy efficient, high performance, installation adaptable commitment to the pool service professional.

High performance, energy-efficient HeatPro heat pumps quietly and economically maintain the ideal water temperature at all times.

SwimClear cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and save up to 2,500 gallons of water per year by eliminating the need to backwash.

The AquaRite 900 series delivers the very best in soft, silky, and perfectly sanitized water without ever having to lift a finger—with a guaranteed peace of mind.

Enjoy the luxuries of full backyard automation control from the industry’s most intuitive app and effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.

Universal ColorLogic® color LED are the only UL-listed lights to retrofit virtually any existing pool and spa with vibrant color – even those with just one light.

TigerShark® makes sure virtually every area of your pool gets that much cleaner, and fast!